Working on behalf of families based within Nigeria or abroad, we can take charge of obtaining and processing all necessary repatriation documents relevant to the country of destination, including handling health waiver applications. We will liaise with funeral directors and authorities overseas to take care of all the logistics arrangements for moving the deceased and manage all stakeholders to ensure a seamless service is provided. We would ensure that the body repatriation is done quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Repatriation to Nigeria

One of the most difficult situations any bereaved family can face is when a loved one passes away overseas and needs to be repatriated for cremation or interment

We care about the small details that matter to you

We don’t tell you what you need, we listen to what you want

Once instructed we would swing into action without delays to ensure that your loved one is brought home

Our affordable and professional service breakdown every element of our pricing so you can see exactly what you are paying for

Omega International Repatriation offers a complete worldwide repatriation service aimed at taking the burden off grieving families and ensuring the body of the deceased gets to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our bespoke services cover repatriation out of Nigeria to any location in the world and Repatriation from UK into Nigeria

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