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Creative Funeral Service Ideas

Funerals have always been held according to enduring traditions. These practices may either be religious or cultural. You need some level of creativity to personalize a funeral ceremony. Here are some creative ideas to create an event that will be the most wonderful and fitting way to say goodbye. Create a Memorial This is some […]

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What to Wear to a Funeral

The general funeral etiquette requires you to wear black clothing. Colours like navy blue, maroon and grey can be a good alternative. You should also dress in a conservative and respectful way. A number of factors will determine what you choose to wear. For instance, Nigeria is home to over 250 ethnic groups and each […]

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What is Advance Funeral Planning

Planning is a key factor in almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it is family vacations, weddings or retirements. We even prepare for unforeseeable events such as accidents, floods and fires. Advance Funeral Planning involves sitting with funeral professionals to discuss your funeral wishes and needs. You will answer tons of questions to clarify […]

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The Inevitability of Death

Accepting death can be extensively difficult. However, deep down we know that it is a given that every living thing will die. The human body does not meet an enviable end; and this end is not limited to the old and wobbly. When people we know die, we respond differently; based on the proximity of […]

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Is Cremation Against Nigerian Culture?

Introduction Cremation involves reducing a dead body to ashes by burning it. It is a common practice in many Western and Asian countries; where commercial crematoriums operate. However, this is not the case in Nigeria which has a triple heritage of Christianity, traditional religious practices and Islam. Nigeria is also a multi-ethnic society. Although these […]

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